We often hear...How does a Travel Agent Work? Let us explain. By contacting us, you are making one of the best decisions for booking your vacation. You work hard for your money and go to lawyers for legal advice, doctors when you are ill and real estate agents when you purchase a home. Why not use a travel specialist that has been trained in the wonderful world of travel? Your vacation is an investment as well. An investment in yourself and your family. Not only do we do all of the research, put quotes together we also help you while you are traveling, we keep up to date on what is going on in the world. We strive to give you the best experiences available by continuing our education and having a great rapport with our suppliers. While our services are complimentary, we ask that you not take advantage of our services. While we love working with you and value new relationships with clients, we do spend a considerable amount of time researching to give you the best value and experience. Please help us to continue to offer complimentary services by booking your vacation through us. We work with many suppliers worldwide, and by not charging fees, our revenue is soley based on our commissions through them. If you do not book through us, we do not get paid for the time we spent researching the quotes for you. Our initial quotes are always free. In the case where there is a request that takes a considerable amount of planning or need additional outside service, we will refer you to our fee schedule. 

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